traci-janI was recently in LA for two podcast conferences and spent time with some amazing entrepreneurial women. One of my favorites is Jan McCarthy, Artist & Host of the podcast Entrepreneurial Voice. It was a blast to visit her art studio where she records her shows live from LA. Enjoy!

Traci talks directly about workaholism. It is the only addiction where you get accolades instead of intervention.

Find out how an email address morphed into a successful business

The combination of art and business are equally as important as the intersection of personal and business growth.

Take Aways Ep 74

Traci’s Takeaways:

Find out your why.  What would you be doing if money was no issue?

Can you describe yourself in 6 words? Mine is….Influencer for impactful and creative change.

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Quote 1 Ep 74

Quote 2 Ep 74


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