Working together in your relationship is hard enough. Can your relationship withstand working together in your business?

Are these Pros or Cons when working with your significant other?

* Provides an opportunity to spend a lot of time together
* Provides an easier commute
* Ability to plan days off together
* Share similar Interests
* Creates greater dedication towards work
* Mutual respect exists
* Better understanding of the job and each other

Trust that when one of you says you will do something, it will get done.

Power Couples:

Bill and Melinda Gates travel separately

Eventbrite cofounders and entrepreneurs Kevin and Julia Hartz did quarterly reviews of their relationship when launching their business

Relationship Contracts are a new trend. They are being used to define the relationship. This all started out of cohabitation agreements before same sex marriage was legal.

Priscilla Chan famously detailed her requirements of Mark Zuckerberg in a relationship contract before moving to California to be with him. Notably, she requested 100 minutes of shared time (neither to be spent in his apartment or in the Facebook headquarters) per week. Additionally, she required one date night per week.

Re-defining power couples. Dual careers with high stress. Marriage between two doctors, or lawyers or similarly stressful jobs.


Takeaways from this show:

Manage EXPECTATIONS. It is important to define roles up front and to clearly communicate each other’s expectations upfront so silent resentments do not build up.

Make it a priority to keep your work time and family time separate.

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