Pathways to Your Success

Pathways To Your Success

Moving forward through resistance, fear, and overwhelm is the hard part.
This is where I come in.
I am a motivator, and an action-taker.
You and me together? The possibilities are endless!

Start where you are! Schedule a FREE :30 mini-mapping session phone call with me and let’s explore what is possible. Here is where our schedules meet.

Curious about my process and how we would work together? By all means, feel free to browse my 3 pathways to success below. Don’t even worry about choosing one. We’ll figure out what you need in your free 30-minute mapping session.

Setting up the call is the hardest part. The mini mapping session will give us both a chance to dialogue around where you are and where you want to be with your business and your life. You will get to know me and I’ll do my best to leave with a takeaway to that gets you on the way to being unstuck.


Pathways to Success

“Do you ever ask yourself, How did I get here again?” Do you find yourself in the same situation you’ve repeated time and again, and you want to find a way to get past what’s keeping you stuck…

Let me help.Schedule your 30-minute free mini mapping session and let’s have a conversation.

The beauty is in the beginning and the possibilities of where you’ll go are endless!

This path is for you if:

  • You are standing in the same place in your professional life and asking yourself, “How did I get here…again?”
  • Have a fresh idea and want to formulate a strategy for action so your idea comes to life.
  • Feeling the overwhelm of what to do next and need a road map to move forward.
  • You are totally stuck in the paralysis of analysis and need a breakthrough.
  • Everything is going great but growth is happening so fast you need to focus on how to really optimize all of the opportunities coming your way


“Traci has an unusual ability of being able to understand the big picture of a vision, develop a strategy, and guide team members to play to their

strengths as they execute the plan. She understands the entrepreneurial mindset. Traci works smart and achieves targeted results for businesses in the areas of branding, marketing, and business development. And, equally as important, she’s FUN to work with!”

Vanessa Lowry, Marketing Consultant, Graphic Designer, Artist, Author, and Speaker

Let’s face it. There is nothing better than face time to make things happen. Faster.

The Up Close Intensives are perfect for you if:

  • You have an idea and you need it flushed out so you can move forward right away
  • You are stuck on the hamster wheel and can’t off. You need immediate clarity.
  • You have an existing business and hit a wall. You’re looking for a breakthrough
  • You simply can’t wait 8 weeks and want the answers now.

One on One up close and personal sessions are custom designed experiences tailored specifically to your immediate needs, they are 1-2 days in length and held in creative spaces with culinary delights and built in time for refreshing and rebooting. The goals of the intensives are set up front and the program is focused on the desired outcomes. There is a post intensive wrap up phone session so you don’t leave without feeling supported for your next steps.

Let’s sum it up

  • FREE :30-minute mini- mapping session
  • Customized assessment to set goals
  • :60-minute phone call to set vision for intensive
  • 8 hours of in person consulting over 1 ½ day intensive
  • Customized task line and timeline
  • 90-day action plan to implement for growth
  • Post session customized actions steps
  • :60 minute Stay the course session
  • Unlimited emails for 30 days following session

Why Wait? Let’s get started!


“Traci worked with me on the inception of my business idea, Sheic Journals. We worked to create the brand and sales strategy, developed business development focused marketing and event promotions targeting my ideal customer.

She not only helped me get the idea out of my head, she also mapped out how this new venture could integrate with my other existing businesses and work beautifully together. She has a true gift for helping you to identify the revenue generating aspects of your business and to find areas of revenue you didn’t know existed.

With a strong branding and marketing foundation we built together, this provided the catalyst for me to then easily sell the company several years later.”

Angee Robertson, CEO, Freedom to Focus, Inc.

There are times when we are just plain stuck or even worse, spinning in the same circles arriving back to the place where started. A hyper focused immersion is designed to identify the real things which are holding you back. Sometimes they are not what you think they are going to be! We will get you moving forward again. Discover the pathway which brings you into focus on where you are, where you are going and most importantly, how to get there in a way that does not consume your already over scheduled world.

This immersion is for you if:

  • You are not looking for the fluff. You need real, tactical and precise steps to move forward.
  • Your business concept is strong but you need strategic alliances and quality resources.
  • You are an already existing business and need to get un stuck or restructure your biz model.
  • You’ve been running full throttle but still feel behind?
  • You are ready to take the time to ultimately free up your time.
  • You see the BIG vision at the end of the path but can’t even begin to know where to start.

Let’s sum it up

  • FREE :30-minute mini- mapping session
  • Customized assessment to set goals
  • Pre Intensive task and resource list
  • :60-minute phone call to set vision for intensive
  • :90-minute phone call to be game ready for your intensive
  • 10 hours of in person consulting time over 2 1/2 day intensive
  • Customized task line and timeline
  • 120-day action plan to implement for growth
  • Post session customized actions steps
  • :90-minute tactical action call within first week of intensive
  • :60 minute Stay the course session 30 days after intensive
  • Unlimited emails for 30 days following session

The hyper focused immersion expands a sixty-day window of time. The 2 ½ day intensive is scheduled within the first 30 days and all follow up occur in the following 30 days.


“I’ve owned and operated High Tide Magazine for 35 years. The first time I hired Traci marked the 30th anniversary of the magazine. Her insight on growth was on point and her strategy for business development was exactly what I needed to go to the next level. I implemented her direction and saw immediate results. Five years later, I’m now working with her again as the result of asking myself “How did I get here again?”. Her insight and strategy is on point again for where we are today. I’ve decided I’m never going to stop working with her again. She’s stuck with me!

Lynn Phipps, Owner, High Tide Guide

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