Money is still the number one subject people don’t talk about. It’s the last topic in any relationship; whether it’s with your husband, wives, significant other or even your friends and family, even your closest loved ones.

Get an education and learn tools so it makes that conversation more easy to have and so you feel more confident having it.

We’re all human. We all have money. We all have to learn how to be with money. There’s this misconception that if you’re facing a money challenge or concern you’re the only one going through it.

Financial planning is not an age specific situation. Even if you didn’t do this planning from the start in your early 20s you can still rewrite your story.

There’s a misconception that you only do financial planning when you have a certain amount of income or a certain amount of assets. It’s not true.

Start to see your money as a relationship that you’re going to have for the rest of your life. It takes a little pressure off and hopefully a lot of anxiety and stress off the table because you’re just going to treat it like any relationship that  goes through ups and downs. You’re constantly working on it. How do you improve it?  How do you make it better? We all need to remember it’s not the destination it’s the journey.

Traci’s Takeaways:

Take Away Ep 81

Go on a weekly money date. Take time once a week to recap what’s coming in & what’s going out to stay on budget.

Hire somebody you like and trust that you feel can help you execute on your financial goals.

Get over yourself and ask for help if you need it.


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Brittney Castro, CFP®, AAMS®, CRPC® is the founder and CEO of Financially Wise Women, a Los Angeles-based financial planning firm whose mission is to teach women and couples the art of managing their money the fun and simple way. As a Certified Financial Planner™, Chartered Retirement Planning Counselor, Accredited Asset Management Specialist, entrepreneur and speaker, Brittney works with busy professional women and couples who are ready to make their finances work for them and use their money to live the lives of their dreams. After years of working in the male-dominated world of financial planning, Brittney realized she wanted to work with clients the same way she talks about money with her girlfriends–in a smart, personal, feminine way that’s compassionate, fun and nonjudgmental.

Brittney has become a well-known financial expert and a go-to resource for national media outlets. She’s been featured on CNN, CNBC, The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, CBS, KTLA, Fox 11 News, Glamour, Elle, Marie Claire, Darling, Entrepreneur, Woman’s World, Financial Planning, Investment News, Registered Rep magazine and many more. She’s also a coveted speaker and host, and she loves spreading her wisdom about finance, entrepreneurship and smart investing to the masses.

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