We teach people how to treat us whether it is in how we run our business, choose our relationships or maintain our boundaries.

There are choices in how we choose to react to other people’s comments and opinions.

A surefire tip on how not to take things personally.

Leave toxic relationships. Don’t try to change them. It won’t work. Period.

What is the one question that shuts down “scope creep”? How would you like to pay for that?

Have you ever considered using a an autoresponder email as a response to all of your emails instead of just using it when you are on vacation?

There are things in relationships that you have to discuss and if you don’t discuss them you are opening up yourself to things happen like resentments and expectations which lead to you getting disappointed.

Traci teaches Russ the appropriate way to apologize. HINT: If you use the word ‘but’ after the “I’m Sorry” it negates the apology.

Traci’s Takeaway:


Have the awkward conversation.

Don’t start a project without having the full scope of it.

Even if it is a small change to the scope. Charge the client so you set the precedent at the beginning of the relationship.

If you set specific office hours. Stick to them or other people will not respect them.


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Sarah Silverman

Melody Biringer – Melody’s Journey to There Episode #46 

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